Ripple of Hope

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Students Speeches' list

  1. Introduction of Senator Kennedy by Charles Diamond
  2. Vote of Thanks to Senator Kennedy by John Daniel
  3. Introduction of Senator Kennedy
  4. Vote of Thanks to Senator Kennedy by Merton Shill

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Introduction of Senator Kennedy
Simonsberg Residence
Stellenbosch University
South Africa, June 7th, 1966.

      This is indeed a very very great honour for Simonsberg to have with us here this afternoon Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy his wife, the members of his personal staff as well as Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Walinsky, and Mr. John Hurley, who is Vice Consulate.
      I might just mention to Senator Kennedy that he has reached the White House sooner than he could think. Because this hostel of ours is, Senator Kennedy, known, or nicknamed the White House. Now I don't know whether that has any…Therefore it definitely has come sooner than I think you thought.
      It indeed is a very very great honour for us to have our visitors here this afternoon. And first of all, I think just so that Mrs. Kennedy would remember her stay, I'd asked Freida Mailling, our vice primarias, to give her a bouquet of South African flowers. For Senator Kennedy, to remind him of his visit to Simonsberg, I have a book. This book is titled "White Africans are people too."
      Gentleman I introduce to you Senator Robert F. Kennedy.